Malware Analysis Basics: Static Analysis

Starting here, I would like to share the results of my recent
research into malware analysis. We will begin with some basics and
proceed to advanced levels. In this first installment, we will discuss
the techniques involved in static analysis of malware. I will also

Jumat, 29 May 2015
Browser anonymity and security

"I decided to write a little tutorial centered around my browser
setup. I use two different profiles, a general one that isn’t as
hardcore as my security one that I use when I am investigating exploit
kits and malware control panels.


Kamis, 28 May 2015
How to crack many Master Lock combinations in eight tries or less

There's a vulnerability in Master Lock branded padlocks that allows
anyone to learn the combination in eight or fewer tries, a process
that requires less than two minutes and a minimal amount of skill to
carry out.
The following video provides a simple tutori

Kamis, 28 May 2015
How to make two binaries with the same MD5 hash

One question I was asked when I demo'd creating two PHP files with
the same hash is; does it work on compiled binaries?

Well the answer is yes in fact that is where I first got the idea
from, in this demo.

That example uses a C program as both the target and also t

Kamis, 28 May 2015
Law Firm Data Security: Experts on How to Protect Legal


Steve Santorelli is the Director of Intelligence and Outreach at Team
Cymru, a Lake Mary, FL based Threat Intelligence firm.

Q: What technologies and or processes are in place (or should be in
place) to protect your clients' sensitive information?<

Kamis, 28 May 2015
National Small Business Week: a cybersecurity survival guide

So this week seemed an appropriate time to publish a Small Business
Cybersecurity Survival Guide [for N American downloads only], to
outline the biggest risks that small businesses face in the cyber
realm and how best to defend against the latest cyber threats. The
guide c

Kamis, 28 May 2015
11 Ways To Track Your Moves When Using a Web Browser

There are a number of different use cases to track users as they use
a particular web site. Some of them are more "sinister" then others.
Over the years, browsers and plugins have provided a number of ways to
restrict this tracking. Here are some of the more

Selasa, 17 Mar 2015
Malware Wirelurker yang Menyerang iPhone

Jakarta - Apa sih Malware Wirelurker itu? Kabarnya juga menyerang pengguna iPhone yang tidak di-jailbreak? Bila sudah terinfeksi apa yang harus dilakukan dan bagaimana mencegahnya?


Malware WireLurker dimulai dari China dan cara menginfeksinya unik,
bukan langsung ke

Senin, 01 Dec 2014
Latest Flash Update Plugs 18 Security Holes

During Microsoft Patch day, Adobe released a security bulletin describing 18 vulnerabilities in the popular rich media web plug-in.

In short, most of the flaws involve memory corruption issues that a smart attacker could leverage to execute code on your PC. The attacker&nbs

Senin, 17 Nov 2014
Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond used his cat's name as a password

Hammond, you might recall, is the Anonymous-affiliated attacker who's now serving a 10-year prison term - the maximum allowed under his plea agreement last year - for attacking the security intelligence services company Stratfor and stealing some 60,000 addresses, credit cards

Senin, 17 Nov 2014
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