Amazon releases open source cryptographic module

"Potentially saving the world from another online security disaster like
last year's Heartbleed, Amazon Web Services has released as open source
a cryptographic module for securing sensitive data passing over the

The software, s2n, is a new implementat

Kamis, 09 Jul 2015
How To Securely Share Your Private Docker Registry With External Clients and Partners

"Today Docker announced their new “Trusted Registry”, which is a
commercial version of the open-source Docker Registry image storage
and distribution service. Teams can run a Trusted Registry to control
how their images are physically stored and enhance their ab

Rabu, 08 Jul 2015
Hack The Cause

"Hack The Cause has been setup to aid cyber security with the use of
data science. The logs for this server are stored on Hadoop and used
for machine learning. We will be analyzing logs and looking for
abnormalities in traffic and behaviour. Our goal is to gain a broader

Rabu, 08 Jul 2015
Stop Firefox leaking data about you

"Google Safe Browsing

Leaks the browsing history to Google. Note that disabling Safe
Browsing exposes you to a risk of not being stopped from visiting
malicious or phishing sites.


Rabu, 08 Jul 2015
Owning Internet Printing - A Case Study in Modern Software Exploitation

"In this blog post, I describe an exploit chain for several bugs I
discovered in CUPS, an open-source printing suite. I start by
analyzing a relatively-subtle bug in CUPS string handling
(CVE-2015-1158), an exploit primitive. I discuss key design and
implementation ch

Senin, 06 Jul 2015
PGP Public Key Breakdown

"After learning about the ins and outs of certificate structures, I
tuned to PGP to learn how they are put together. Some of it is quite
elegant, and allows the format to save space, especially in the packet
headers where 2 bytes can convey essentially the same information

Senin, 06 Jul 2015
New Adobe Zero-Day Shares Same Root Cause as Older Flaws

"Earlier we talked about the out-of-band update for Flash Player that
was released by Adobe (identified as APSB15-14) that was released to
fix CVE-2015-3113. This update raised the Flash Player version to

Our analysis of the current flaw reveals that the

Jumat, 03 Jul 2015
How to Deal with the Rise of Digital Abuse


Like all crimes, it is essential that upon encountering an event and
as far as it is practicable, a contemporaneous record is compiled of
the facts, acts and communications of the assailant. So, to start the
Personal First Responder (P

Jumat, 03 Jul 2015
Travel smart: Tips for staying secure on the road

Whether you're taking a personal holiday or a business trip, traveling
by car or by plane, planning a quick jaunt or preparing for an extended
stay, make sure your security best practices are coming along for the ride.

Cybercriminals don't take vacations. In fact, they

Rabu, 17 Jun 2015
The rapidly changing role of the CIO

"So, what to do?

Embrace collaboration – building relationships will be more important
than ever, both internally and across an increasingly diverse supplier

Get to know your business better – understanding business strategy,

Jumat, 12 Jun 2015
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