Beware! That bogus tax-related email could be hiding the NanoCore trojan
Diposting : Rabu, 02 Mar 2016

"Researchers have spotted an ongoing tax-themed malicious email
campaign that is delivering the NanoCore remote access trojan (RAT) as
its malware payload.

Anthony Kasza and Tyler Halfpop, malware researchers at Palo Alto
Networks, write in a blog post how they recently spotted the campaign
after coming across a number of emails with malicious attachments and
with subject lines featuring the words "tax", "pin", and "report":

[Attention] Your 2014 Tax Report
[Urgent Attention] Your 2015 Secure IP PIN
[ATO: URGENT] Your 2014 Tax Return Report!
[URGENT ATTENTION] Your 2014 Tax Return!
[ATO: ATTENTION] Your 2015 Tax Return PIN!
[IRS ATTENTION] Your 2015 Secure IP PIN!!!
[HMRC ATTENTION] Your 2015 Tax Report PIN!
[ATTENTION] Your 2015 Tax Return PIN!!!
Audaciously, the boobytrapped Word documents contain a guide for its
intended victims on how to ensure that macros are enabled, in order
that their computers can be easily compromised."


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