Mozilla Releases Security Update for Thunderbird

Mozilla telah merilis update terkait keamanan untuk mengatasi beberapa kerentanan pada Thunderbird. Seorang penyerang bisa memanfaatkan beberapa kerentanan ini untuk mengendalikan sistem yang terkena dampak.

NCCIC / US-CERT mendorong pengguna dan administrator untuk meninjau kembali M

Selasa, 30 Jan 2018
Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks

Microsoft solution available to protect additional products

Today many of our customers around the world and the critical systems they depend on were victims of malicious “WannaCrypt” software. Seeing businesses and individuals affected by cyberattack

Minggu, 14 May 2017
PowerWare or PoshCoder? Comparison and Decryption

PowerWare was brought to my attention by Carbon Black via their blog
post. PowerWare is downloaded by a malicious macro-enabled Microsoft
Word document that is distributed via a phishing email campaign. The
malicious document in question attempts to convince the user to enable

Kamis, 26 May 2016
OpenSSH patches vulnerabilities

"OpenSSH has released patches to fix vulnerabilities which could lead to
information leakage. They affect versions prior to 7.2p2 with x11
forwarding enabled."

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
opular WordPress plugin opens backdoor, steals user credentials

"If you are one of the 10,000+ users of the Custom Content Type Manager
(CCTM) WordPress plugin, consider your site to be compromised and
proceed to clean your installation up, Sucuri Security researchers have

After finding “a very suspicious auto-upda

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
Barcode attack technique (Badbarcode)

"The barcode attack that @Tk described on PacSec and included in his
demo video on twitter are so cool that I bought a scanner for research
as well. During my research, I went through all information whether it
is at home or abroad, but none covers the possible attack techn

Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Beware! That bogus tax-related email could be hiding the NanoCore trojan

"Researchers have spotted an ongoing tax-themed malicious email
campaign that is delivering the NanoCore remote access trojan (RAT) as
its malware payload.

Anthony Kasza and Tyler Halfpop, malware researchers at Palo Alto
Networks, write in a blog post how they rece

Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Critical VPN key exchange flaw exposes Cisco security appliances to remote hacking

Cisco Systems patched a critical vulnerability that could allow
remote attackers to take over Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)
firewalls configured as virtual private network servers by simply
sending malformed network packets to them.

For devices that are designe

Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
A Guide on 5 Common LinkedIn Scams



Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Anatomy of a Wi-Fi hole: Take care in your hotel this Christmas!

"Fast, free Wi-Fi sounds handy, and it is, but we’ve written about the
potential problems with open Wi-Fi hotspots several times before.
One handy countermeasure is to use a VPN, short for Virtual Private Network.
Of course, many free Wi-Fi network

Senin, 01 Feb 2016
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