Start-up Sirin to launch ultra high-tech phone for executivesSteven Scheer, ReutersA British-Israeli start-up plans to sell a mobile phone from next month that will offer users unprecedented levels of technology and security -- and retail for close to $20,000. ....Selasa, 31 May 2016
Siri flaw in iOS 9.3.1 allows access to photos on locked iPhone 6S and 6S PlusCarly Page, V3The recently released iOS 9.3.1 fix for the link-crashing glitch plaguing iPhones and iPads has a bug that allows anyone to access photos and contacts on a locked device. ...Selasa, 31 May 2016
Lawful Access, Corporate Citizenship and Doing What’s RightJohn Chen, Inside BlackBerryWhen it comes to doing the right thing in difficult situations, BlackBerry’s guiding principle has been to do what is right for the citizenry, within legal and ethical boundaries. We have long been clear in our stance that tech companies as good corporate citizens should comply with reasonable lawful access requests. I have stated before that we are indeed in a dark place when companies put their reputations above the greater good.Selasa, 31 May 2016
Exclusive: Canadian Police Obtained BlackBerry’s Global Decryption KeyJustin Ling and Jordan Pearson, VICE NewsA high-level surveillance probe of Montreal's criminal underworld shows that Canada's federal policing agency has had a global encryption key for BlackBerry devices since 2010. ....Selasa, 31 May 2016
Better History Chrome extension goes rogue, hijacks browsers and displays adsGraham Cluley, HOTforSecurityA third-party Chrome extension, supposed to make management of your browsing history simpler, has been kicked out of the Chrome web store after users accused it of hijacking their browsing, fiddling with links and opening webpages displaying ads. ...Selasa, 31 May 2016
Fraudsters Steal Tax, Salary Data From ADPBrian Krebs, KrebsOnSecurityIdentity thieves stole tax and salary data from payroll giant ADP by registering accounts in the names of employees at more than a dozen customer firms, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. ADP says the incidents occurred because the victim companies all mistakenly published sensitive ADP account information online that made those firms easy targets for tax fraudsters.Selasa, 31 May 2016
Home Brew iPhone Malware Kit Makes Spying On Apple Devices EasyThomas Fox-Brewster, ForbesBut when one has access to an iPhone, it’s possible to quickly install malware that appears to be legitimate, as shown by a new software called Su-A-Cyder, which automates the process of creating quick and dirty spyware. ...Kamis, 26 May 2016
Ransomware Overview (list)Mosh @nyxbone via /r/malware on Reddit"Ransomware Overview: names, extensions, patterns, decryptors list [Google Doc]"Kamis, 26 May 2016
Ransomware authors use the bitcoin blockchain to deliver encryption keysLucian Constantin, IDG News Service (CSO)Ransomware authors are using the bitcoin blockchain, which serves as the cryptocurrency's public transaction ledger, to deliver decryption keys to victims. ...Kamis, 26 May 2016
Nuclear Drops Tor Runs And HidesNick Biasini, Talos blog (Cisco)It's been awhile since we've discussed Nuclear so let's start with an overview of how users are infected. Like most exploit kits it has a couple of key components: a gate, a landing page, and an exploit page with payload. Let's start by describing the gate that we have been observing associated with Nuclear and specifically this instance associated to a novel payload. ...Kamis, 26 May 2016
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