Oculus Rift sparks Ts and Cs storm over sharing data with FacebookNick Booth, Naked Security (Sophos Blog)When Oculus (the holding company for Oculus Rift) was founded in 2012, the Kickstarter campaign which raised $2.5 million was based on the joy that would be brought to society by creating affordable VR headsets. ...Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Microsoft sues US govt for right to tell users when their data is accessed by fedsZeljka Zorz, Help Net SecurityMicrosoft has filed a new lawsuit against the US government, asking the court to permit them to alert their users when their online accounts and the data in them has been accessed by the authorities. .....Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Adware uploads Screenshot of your Active Windows without your Permission Lawrence Abrams, Bleeping ComputerWhile installing some adware bundles today I ran into a particular nasty variant called Faster Internet that uploads quite a bit of information to their servers without the user's permission. To make matters worse, it uploads a screenshot of what is currently being displayed on your computer without alerting the user.Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Congress Investigation to Probe SS7 Mobile Network Security FlawsCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaA 60 Minutes feature on the security flaws found in the Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) telephony signaling protocol has sparked a Congress investigation after US Representative Ted Lieu didn't like being spied on for CBS' experiment.Rabu, 01 Jun 2016
UK court rejects demands for Lauri Love to hand over encryption keysJulia Gregory and Bill Goodwin, Computer WeeklyActivist Love, aged 31, is facing extradition to the US and a possible 99-year prison sentence after allegedly downloading “massive quantities” of data from US government computer systems. ...Rabu, 01 Jun 2016
How to trick traffic sensorsDenis Legezo, SecureList (Kaspersky Lab Blog)In the past two years traffic sensors have mushroomed in Russian cities. Drivers using speed camera detectors were the first to spot the white boxes stuck to posts along the roadside. ....Rabu, 01 Jun 2016
Follow The Money: Dissecting The Operations Of The Cyber Crime Group Fin6Threat Research Blog (FireEye)Cybercrime operations can be intricate and elaborate, with careful planning needed to navigate the various obstacles separating an attacker from a payout. Yet reports on these operations are often fragmentary, as the full scope of attacker activity typically occurs beyond the view of any one group of investigators.Rabu, 01 Jun 2016
Should the Government Regulate Cybersecurity?Industry Trends (Fortinet Blog)It has been famously said that, “the wheels of justice turn slowly.” That’s partly because the process most governments use when creating regulations and laws encourages debate, the careful examination of all sides of an issue, and the development of bartered consensus between groups with differing needs and opinions. ...Rabu, 01 Jun 2016
Report: Third parties increasingly pose data security riskJustine Brown, CIO Dive "A report released Monday by the Ponemon Institute found that the risk associated with third party data sharing is growing, but the C-Suite is not adequately prioritizing the issue. .....Rabu, 01 Jun 2016
Domino's fixes 'free pizza' bug in its Android appDavid Bisson, Graham Cluley Blog"Domino's has fixed a security issue in its Android app that hackers could have exploited to order free pizza. ...Selasa, 31 May 2016
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