Blackshades malware hacker gets 5 years in prisonRoss Toback and Josh Saul (New York Post)Alexander Yucel, 25, was arrested in Moldova in 2013 and he pleaded guilty to computer hacking in February.Kamis, 02 Jul 2015
Armenian Skimmer Leader Pleads GuiltyWes Meyer, Times HeraldKudugulyan and the other men were suspected of stealing financial information from hundreds of people in Texas, Tennessee and Georgia by using credit card skimmers installed inside gas station pumps – a good number of Cowetans became victims of this scam in 2012. Kamis, 02 Jul 2015
U.S. employee data breach tied to Chinese intelligence: sourcesJoseph Menn, ReutersBoth the Anthem and OPM breaches used malicious software electronically signed as safe with a certificate stolen from DTOPTOOLZ Co, a Korean software company, the people close to the inquiry said. DTOPTOOLZ said it had no involvement in the data breaches.Kamis, 02 Jul 2015
FBI Cyber Division Bulletin on Tools Reportedly Used by OPM HackersData BreachesPrepare Your Environment for Incident ResponseKamis, 02 Jul 2015
Emergency Security Band-Aids with SystemtapFrank Ch. Eigler, Redhat security BlogIn this article, we present another option: a limited sort of live patching using systemtap. This tool, now a decade old, is conventionally thought of as a tracing widget, but it can do more. It can not only monitor the detailed internals of the Linux kernel and user-space programs, it can also change them – a little.Rabu, 17 Jun 2015
Ransomware Response Kitjadacyrus, Atlassian BitbucketI have compiled this kit to be used for security professionals and system administrators alike, in order to help streamline the process of responding to ransomware infections. Instructions You should never pay the ransom. This will only reinforce this type of attack. According to most security intelligence reports, criminal enterprises are already making large profits from ransomware.Rabu, 17 Jun 2015
Russian billboard advertising contraband hides when it recognises cops Lisa Vaas, Naked Security (Sophos Blog)So what's a well-stocked salumeria to do? Pay an ad company to rig billboards with facial recognition that's been tweaked to spot the official symbols and logos on the uniforms worn by Russian police, that's what.Rabu, 17 Jun 2015
OpenSesame: Hacked kids’ toy could open garage doorsKyle Ellison, welivesecurityGarage doors may be vulnerable to being opened remotely by hackers using little more than a childrens’ toy, a security researcher has proven this week.Rabu, 17 Jun 2015
Capriccio on the intranet penetration RedRain via drops.wooyun.orgDrops is one of the greatest platforms for security-related technical blogs in China. We dedicate to translate every amazing post into English and push it to this website, meanwhile we would be very honored if you could submit your atricles at drops@wooyun.org. 00 IntroductionJumat, 12 Jun 2015
Top Phishing Targets Account For Over 75% of Attacks, Survey FindsMARITZA SANTILLAN, The State of Security (Tripwire Blog)The study (PDF), conducted by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), examined all phishing attacks detected in the second half of 2014, including data from several phishing feeds and private sources.Jumat, 12 Jun 2015
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