SSL Malvertising Campaign ContinuesJÉRÔME SEGURA, Malware Bytes BlogThe malvertising is loaded via AdSpirit.de and includes a redirection to an Azure website. Note how both URLs are using HTTPS encryption, making it harder to detect the malicious traffic at the network layer. ........ Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
Lenovo caught installing bloatware again with Windows BIOS backdoorJason Murdock, V3The tool in question was called Lenovo Search Engine (LSE) and it downloaded a program called One Key Optimiser used for "enhancing PC performance by updating firmware, drivers and pre-installed apps". ......Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
Hidden Tear Ransomware is now open Source and available on GitHubPierluigi Paganini, Security AffairsThe Turkish security researchers Utku Sen has published the first open source ransomware for educational purposes that anyone can use. ...Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
Antivirus industry damaged by the Kaspersky’casePierluigi Paganini, Security AffairsKaspersky sustains the Reuters’s story on Antivirus false positives is based on information provided by anonymous former KL employees which are not reliable Some days ago, Reuters published a story about Kaspersky revealing that the Russian company was creating malicious codes to give them an upper hand against their direct competitors. ......Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
A recent decline in traffic associated with Operation WindigoBrad Duncan, Infosec Handlers Diary Blog (Internet Storm Center)According to a 2014 report by ESET, Windigo is the code name for an ongoing operation that started as early as 2011 [1]. As noted in the report, legitimate traffic to servers compromised by the Windigo group redirect visitors to an exploit kit (EK). If the Windows client is vulnerable, it would be infected by the EK. .....Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
Hackers Finally Post Stolen Ashley Madison DataKim Zetter, WIREDHACKERS WHO STOLE sensitive customer information from the cheating site AshleyMadison.com appear to have made good on their threat to post the data online. A data dump, 9.7 gigabytes in size, was posted on Tuesday to the dark web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor browser. .....Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
32 charged over 'insider trading hack' schemeBBC NewsUS authorities have now charged 32 members of an alleged international hacking and insider trading ring. The group, operating in the US and Ukraine, allegedly netted more than $100m (£64m) in illegal profits. Nine members had already been charged by district attorneys in New York and New Jersey. Hackers are accused of accessing data being processed by financial "wires" in order to obtain information about companies before it was made public. .....Selasa, 01 Sep 2015
British Travel Company Breached, Hundreds of Customers’ Information ExposedMaritza Santillian, The State Of Security (Tripwire Blog)A data protection breach at Thomson, a British travel firm, has led to the accidental exposure of more than 450 customers’ personal information. Passenger details, including home addresses, telephone numbers, names and flight information, were unintentionally disclosed in an email, which the company said it quickly recalled.Selasa, 01 Sep 2015
Adobe settles hacking case that affected 38 million people and pays $1.2m legal billJason Murdock, V3Court documents have revealed that Adobe has paid an "undisclosed sum" to settle customer allegations of "shoddy security protocols" after a cyber attack in 2013 resulted in the loss of 38 million customer records.Selasa, 01 Sep 2015
UDP-based Portmap latest target for DDoS attackers looking to amplify attacksZeljka Zorz, Help Net SecurityUS-based carrier and global backbone operator Level 3 has spotted a new vector being used for DDoS reflection attacks: Portmapper (or simply Portmap)Selasa, 01 Sep 2015
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