More Than 90% of Suspicious IP Addresses Not Identified by BlacklistsDavid Bisson, The State of Security (Tripwire Blog)A new report reveals that current blacklists are failing to identify approximately 90% of suspicious IP addresses. ...Kamis, 10 Sep 2015
Researchers hack a Corvette's brakes via insurance black boxAntuan Goodwin, CNETThe list of ways to electronically hijack cars is growing thanks to devices used to monitor drivers' roadway behavior. Recently, we've seen a wave of devices vying for placement in your car's onboard diagnostics port (OBD-II). ......Kamis, 10 Sep 2015
Security of Things ForumPaul RobertsCo-hosted by The Security Ledger and The Christian Science Monitor Passcode, The Security of Things Forum is an exclusive, one-day event that gathers security researchers, executives, policy makers, investors and information security pros for day of discussion, debate and hands on learning about the premiere challenge of our generation: securing the Internet of Things. ...Kamis, 10 Sep 2015
NICE news about the cybersecurity skills shortage (and a call for papers)Stephen Cobb, We Live SecurityThe information security news is not all bad, despite the annual August double-tap of Black Hat and DEF CON. .....Senin, 07 Sep 2015
Top 5 problems with data breach insuranceMark Painter, HP Security Products BlogThe costs associated with data breaches continue to rise while security only grows in complexity. For those reasons and more, data breach insurance has gained an incredible amount of traction in a relatively short amount of time. ......Senin, 07 Sep 2015
Security, Reverse Engineering and EULAsTim Erlin, The State of Security (Tripwire Blog)And this is really the point. That clause in the EULA that inhibits security research is there for an entirely different purpose: to protect intellectual property. In the threat model that drives the inclusion of that clause, security research isn’t present. ........Senin, 07 Sep 2015
Credit Monitoring Services Following Data Breach NOT Taxable Income to Employees, IRS AnnouncesJoseph J. Lazzarotti, Workplace Privacy ReportIn Announcement 2015-22, the Internal Revenue Service clarified that it will not consider the value of such services provided by the employer to employees to be gross income or wages to the employees. ......Senin, 07 Sep 2015
Does your mobile carrier track you online?Zeljka Zorz, Help Net SecurityAt least nine mobile carriers around the world are using "supercookies" to track users' web browsing, a study by human rights organization Access has shown. .......Senin, 07 Sep 2015
Win against ransomware - with free staff Wi-Fi!Sean Richmond, Naked Security (Sophos Blog)We've all heard horror stories of encrypting ransomware chewing through the core digital assets of a business, and holding them at the mercy of the attackers. ...Senin, 07 Sep 2015
The Curious Case Of The Document Exploiting An Unknown Vulnerability – Part 1Wayne Chin Yick Low, Security Research (Fortinet Blog)Recently, we came across an unknown document exploit which was mentioned in a blogpost by the researcher @ropchain. As part of our daily routines, we decided to take a look to see if there was something interesting about the document exploit. .......Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
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