New York tries to force phone makers to put in crypto backdoors Lisa Vaas, Naked Security (Sophos Blog)The sport of holding Apple, Google and other tech companies over a barrel to demand backdoors now has a new player: New York. .....Kamis, 11 Feb 2016
Android.Bankosy: All ears on voice call-based 2FADinesh Venkatesan, Security Response (Symantec Blog)In the last quarter of 2015, we observed an emerging trend among financial Trojans. An information stealing Android threat (detected by Symantec as Android.Bankosy) added functionality to its code that can enable it to deceive voice call-based two-factor authorization (2FA) systems.Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account hackedBBC NewsA series of foul-mouthed posts have been published on Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter feed following the apparent hacking of the Labour leader's account. ....Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
Turkish cyber-criminals post their flag on hacked Russian Embassy siteDanielle Correa, SC MagazineRussian news site Sputnik said that the hackers left the Turkish flag on the damaged homepage on 16 January, however the embassy's Russian and English-language consulate pages were left untouched. ....Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
ISIS Hackers Deface University Website in Their First Ever Cyberattack on ChinaCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaAn ISIS-affiliated hacker that calls himself "Islamic State Hacker" has defaced the website of the Tsinghua University and has left jihadist messages on some of the site's pages, as South China Morning Post reports, citing local student newspaper Legal Evening News. ....Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
Anonymous drives Nissan offline in dolphin hunting protestBBC NewsThe Japanese carmaker said it had suspended its global and Japanese sites early on Wednesday after they had been bombarded with traffic. ....Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
US Intelligence chief has his phone account hacked, calls forwarded to Free Palestine MovementGraham Cluley, The State of Security (Tripwire Blog)Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper appears to have become the latest to fall foul of hackers, after a teenage hacker called “Cracka” broke into a number of online accounts belonging to the spy chief. ....Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
Interxion suffers security breach, customer contact details exposedGraham Cluley, Graham Cluely BlogEuropean data center services giant Interxion is informing customers that it has suffered a security breach, which has seen hackers access contact information stored in its CRM about corporate clients and prospects. ....Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
Hyatt names hotels hit by payment information malwareBBC NewsThe Hyatt hotel chain has posted a global list of hotels hit b .....Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
Hackers Steal $55 million From Boeing SupplierGraham Cluley, The State of Security (Tripwire Blog)Aerospace parts manufacturer FACC says that its financial accounting department has been attacked by hackers, who managed to steal approximately €50 million ($54.5 million) from its coffers. .....Jumat, 05 Feb 2016
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