BSidesHH2015 Videos out now!BSidesHH2015 siteGreat news guys, BSidesHH2015 videos are out now. We decided that we wanted to make them available on the Internet Archive (https://archive.org/details/BSidesHH2015). So you can download any of the talks and they have also been embedded on our site too. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Zero Day Initiative announces Pwn2Own 2016Brian Gorenc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Bloghis year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Trend Micro, and the Zero Day Initiative partner to bring the annual Pwn2Own to Vancouver with a new twist to the rules to keep things interesting. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
FIRST Raleigh (US) Technical Colloquium (TC) 2016Robert Sisk IBM PSIRT (DNB Subscriber)I would like to announce the FIRST Raleigh (US) Technical Colloquium (TC) 2016. The event, hosted by IBM PSIRT Raleigh, North Carolina will be a two day conference held on the 18th and 19th of February 2016. The conference will focus on security issues of interest to Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRT).Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
#APF16: Call for Papers open until March 15th ENISA siteENISA’s Annual Privacy Forum (APF) is to be held on the 7th and 8th September 2016. The meeting is to be held in Frankfurt, at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. This year’s edition is organised in the light of the agreement on the data protection regulation and the European Digital agenda. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
White House seeks its first ever chief information security officerDanny Yadron, The GuardianOn Tuesday, the White House is expected to announce that it is seeking to hire its first chief information security officer, a role filled at many companies and local governments but one that has long been absent at the federal level, despite complaints for security experts and lawmakers. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Norse Corp’s Implosion & Threat Intelligence RealitySarah Clarke, Infospectives "Today Brian Krebs quoted sources who say Norse Corp is in serious trouble, to the point where an emergency buy out by CloudFlare has reportedly been put in motion. Underlying causes appear to include inability (or unwillingness) to develop new practically useful products from their flagship threat-data-gathering offerings, plus some questions about credibility of the threat data itself. .....Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
How to manage cyber riskRichard Starnes via CSO OnlineWe’re going to shed some light on this dark art and show you some of the more important aspects of managing cyber risk. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Government Agencies Audit for Juniper BackdoorMichael Mimoso, ThreatPost (Kaspersky Blog)Letters went out late last week from the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee to the leaders of the various agencies asking them to provide the committee with a report on whether the Juniper products and what versions are in use, how the vulnerability was found, and whether it was patched. Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Audit Finds Massive Holes in US Government’s Einstein Security SystemPhil Muncaster, InfoSecurity MagazineIn a new report on the system issued late last week, the GAO highlighted deficiencies that would make most CISOs cringe, including intrusion detection which only compares traffic to known signatures rather than deviations away from baselined ‘normal’ behavior. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Elaborate iCloud Phish Used To Activate Stolen iPhonesMalware Bytes Labs BlogIn a forum thread on popular site MacRumors, a user claimed that after her iPhone was stolen, she proceeded to wipe it and put it in Lost Mode, to prevent anyone from using it. Shortly after, she received a message letting her know the phone had been found but that she needed to go to a website and verify her Apple ID first. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
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