A Look Into Fysbis: Sofacy’s Linux BackdoorBryan Lee and Rob Downs, Unit 42 (paloalto networks blog)The Sofacy group, also known as APT28 and Sednit, is a fairly well known cyber espionage group believed to have ties to Russia. .....Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Anonymous Leaks Databases for 100 Thai Prison WebsitesCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaThe Blink Hacker group, a known division of the Anonymous hacker collective, has leaked the databases of 100 websites belonging to Thai prisons.Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Anonymous Hacks South Africa's Department of Water AffairsCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaMembers of the World Hacker Team, one of Anonymous' subdivisions, have breached South Africa's Department of Water Affairs (DWA) as part of the group's #OpAfrica and #OpMonsanto campaigns.Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Adult Friend Finder Hacker Returns, Leaks 17.8GB from Turkish Police ServersCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaA hacker known as ROR[RG] has dumped data from the Turkish National Police (EMG) servers, which is now available for download via BitTorrent links.Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Silk Road bitcoin-stealing Secret Service agent re-arrested Nick Booth, Naked Security (Sophos Blog)Rogue Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges, a former member of the team that eventually managed to shut down the black market website Silk Road has been arrested at his home in Laurel, Maryland.Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Nuclear secrets spear-phisher pleads guiltyPaul Ducklin, Naked Security (Sophos Blog)The latest cybercrime-justice-done news of this sort involves Charles Harvey Eccleston, 62, who was extradited from the Philippines for trying to infect US Department of Energy (DOE) computers with malware.Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Anarchist operation, US and UK spied on Israeli UAVs and fighter jetsPierluigi Paganini, Security AffairsUS and UK intelligence secretly tapped into live video feeds from Israeli UAVs and fighter jets, monitoring military operations. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Power Grid Honeypot Puts Face on AttacksMichael Mimoso, ThreatPost (Kaspersky Blog)It’s extremely difficult. You’ can’t just be a NSA or FSB hacker; you need an electrical engineer on board to weaponize attacks and figure out what’s going on,” said Dewan Chowdhury, founder of MalCrawler. The attackers behind Stuxnet, he said, need much more than hackers building a delivery method for their attack. ....Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Windows ReVaultingFrancesco Picasso, Zena ForenscisWindows Vaults and Credentials allow the user to store sensitive information such as user names and passwords , that can be later used to log on web site, services and computers. In this post it will be shown how such data is protected and how you can decrypt it offline. ....Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Tails 2.0 is out to protect your privacy and anonymityPierluigi Paganini, Security AffairsTails 2.0 was upgraded to Debian 8.0, considered more stable and that fix a number of issues affecting the previous version of Debian. ...Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
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