Qatar National Bank Suffers Massive Data Breach, No Money Stolen
Diposting : Senin, 23 May 2016, Oleh : Catalin Cimpanu, Softpedia

"Over 1.4 GB of data containing files stolen from the Qatar National
Bank (QNB) were dumped online yesterday by an unknown hacker through the
Cryptome website.

The data dump contains 15,460 files and includes details such as QNB
customer accounts, passwords, PINs, payment card data, home addresses,
emails, and other PII (Personally Identifiable Data) data.

Victims at risk of financial fraud

Since first popping up online, there have been several journalists and
security firms that have analyzed and have already confirmed the data's
validity. There's no official tally of affected customers just yet, but
the number is likely to rank in the hundreds of thousands."


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