Android AdWare Trying to Deceive the AnalystAxelle Apvrille, Security Research (Fortinet Blog)Recently, we - i.e Giuseppe Pacelli (student at Eurecom), Matteo Bertolino (student at Eurecom) and their supervisors Ludovic Apvrille (Telecom ParisTech) and myself - had a closer look at a few Android samples infected with the Feiwo adware. ....Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Website For French Cinema Chain Gets Hacked, Serves CryptXXX RansomwareJérôme Segura, Malwarebytes LabsPathé, a major French film production and distribution company is serving ransomware via one of its websites, pathe[.]fr. The film company has a rich history that predates Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, and is famous for inventing the newsreel in 1908. ...Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Thousands of Ubiquiti AirOS routers hit with worm attacksSymantec Security Response (Symantec Official Blog)A worm is reportedly spreading across thousands of Ubiquiti Networks routers running outdated firmware. In a security advisory, a Ubiquiti spokesperson said that over the past week, the worm has been using a known exploit to infect airOS M devices. The worm creates its own account on the compromised device and, from there, conducts mass infections of other routers both within the same subnet and on other networks. ...Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Shopperz Adware uses a Rootkit to prevent Detection and RemovalLawrence Abrams, BleepingComputerRecently I was alerted by Djordje Lukic, a malware analyst for Zemana, of a new variant of the Shopperz adware. He told me that this variant now uses a rootkit to prevent the viewing and removal of the adware and that Zemana is able to detect and remove it. ....Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
New Flash Vulnerability CVE-2016-4117 Shares Similarities With Older Pawn Storm ExploitMoony Li, TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog (Trend Micro)Earlier this week Adobe released a security advisory (APSA16-02) which disclosed that a critical vulnerability (CVE-2016-4117) was present in versions of Adobe Flash Player. .....Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Magento flaw allowed hackers to execute code using APIsJeremy Seth Davis, SC MagazineMagento released a patch for a critical vulnerability that allowed unauthenticated users to execute PHP code remotely on the server using APIs. Magento gave the vulnerability (CVE-2016-4010) a 9.8 out of 10 severity rating. ....Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Anonymous Goes After Denver Mayor Because of His Treatment of the HomelessCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaIn a hallmark Anonymous operation (#OpBlackBook), the hacker collective has most recently taken aim at Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, because of his treatment of the town's homeless population. ....Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Anonymous Leaks Healthcare Records from 33 Turkish HospitalsCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaA hacker(s) claiming to be part of Anonymous posted online a link pointing to a 2GB archive containing personal records stolen from Turkish hospitals. ...Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Hacktivists Shut Down Donald Trump Hotel Collections WebsiteWaqas, HackReadYes, the Ghost Squad hackers just conducted a powerful Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) on the Trump Hotel Collection website forcing it to go offline and display the Cloud Flare’s version for the home page. Those visiting the website can see a message confirming that the site is offline: ...Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Hacking Team hacker steals €10K in Bitcoin, sends it to Kurdish anticapitalists in RojavaJ.M. Porup, Ars TechnicaThe hacker who claimed responsibility for both the Gamma Group and Hacking Team breaches has struck again, this time sending €10,000 (about £8,000) of allegedly stolen Bitcoin to Rojava, an autonomous region in northern Syria that they described as "one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world today." ...Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
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