Security Firm Redefines APT: African Phishing Threat Brian Krebs, KrebsonsecurityI wanted to know if I was alone in finding fault with the root9B report, so I reached out to Jaime Blasco, vice president and chief scientist at AlienVault — one of the security firms that first published the initial findings on the Sofacy/APT28 group back in October 2014Senin, 08 Jun 2015
Attack Gains Foothold Against East Asian Government Through “Auto Start”Dove Chiu, Security Intelligence Blog (Trend Micro)East Asian government agencies came under siege when attackers targeted several servers within their networks. The said attackers, who showed familiarity and in-depth knowledge of their agencies’ network topology, tools, and software, were able to gain access to their targeted servers and install malware. Senin, 08 Jun 2015
United Airlines bug bounty programUnited Airlines WebsiteBugs that are eligible for submission: Authentication bypass Bugs on customer-facing websites such as: united.com beta.united.com ......Jumat, 05 Jun 2015
Silent Google Forces Security Firm to Release PoC Exploits for Google App EngineIonut Ilascu, SoftpediaA security company disclosed to the public on Friday code for exploiting several vulnerabilities in Google App Engine (GAE) for Java that would allow an attacker complete Java VM security sandbox escape.Jumat, 05 Jun 2015
'Home-brewed' encryption scheme opens millions of smart meters to hacking, warn researchersFred Donovan, fierceitsecurity BlogThe researchers--Phillip Jovanovic of the University of Passau in Germany and Samuel Neves of the University of Coimbra in PortugaL--explained that the standard developed by OSGP is mixture of RC4 and a "home-brewed" message authentication code (MAC) called OMA Digest.Jumat, 05 Jun 2015
Meet the Pezão Trojan: Brazil’s Got MalwareLimor Kessem, Security Intelligence BlogLocal malicious code is known for a number of typical traits, but most of all for being programmed in Delphi — a rather simplistic approach to create rather simplistic Trojans. Because of that, Brazil has hardly any defined malware families, in the classic sense, with each iteration but a minor customization of something that was used many times before.Kamis, 04 Jun 2015
Bublik Trojan – Variant Evolves with New FeaturesRaashid Bhat, iSight PartnersiSIGHT Partners has been tracking the development of the Bublik downloader trojan and recently discovered a new variant with more complex features. Based on what we have seen, it appears to use spam and the Nuclear Exploit Kit as a method of distribution.Kamis, 04 Jun 2015
Computer Criminals Brought to Justice – Randall Charles TuckerDavid BissonWe now report on the story of Randall Charles Tucker, a serial distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacker who targeted the websites of government authorities whom he felt were guilty of unjust behavior.Kamis, 04 Jun 2015
SPEAR: A Threat Actor ResurfacesJon Gross, Cylance BlogSeveral months ago I examined a malware-tainted Word document titled “ISIS_twitter_list.doc.” I didn’t think much of it and quickly moved on after a cursory analysis.Kamis, 04 Jun 2015
APT28 Targets Financial markets: zero day hashes releasedmediafire/root9bSofacy, Sednit, Sourface, APT-28, and a host of other names are all used to describe this particularly proli?c and superbly talented group of Russian hackers, which has strongly suspected ties to Russian intelligence services.Kamis, 04 Jun 2015
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