In Britain, Malware No. 1 CyberthreatMathew J. Schwartz, InfoRisk TodayMalware - and in particular the Zeus banking Trojan - remains the most prevalent online threat facing U.K. businesses and consumers.Selasa, 09 Jun 2015
Anonymous Italy Steals 1TB of Data from Best Union Ticketing Service During Expo 2015 AttacksBRANDON STOSH, Freedom HackerAnonymous Italy has continued to target Expo 2015 with a series of high-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks under the collectives Operation Italy (#OpItaly).Selasa, 09 Jun 2015
Hacker’s List leaks its secrets, revealing true identities of those wanting to hackGraham Cluley, hotforsecurityIs there something you want hacked? I get emails all the time from complete strangers, asking if I can help them hack into someone’s Facebook or email account. Sometimes they claim to be family members who are worried that their loved one has gone missing and not replying to messages, but more often they’re suspicious that their partners are cheating on them behind their back and want to read their private communications.Selasa, 09 Jun 2015
Cyber Attack on IDA Server Prompts License Key Replacement Ionut Ilascu, SoftpediaHex-Rays, developers of IDA (Interactive Disassembler), became the target of a cyber-attack, which may have compromised the license keys issued to customers.Selasa, 09 Jun 2015
Hackers try to attack German parliament BundestagPratibha Rawal, E Hacking NewsThe officials of Bundestag, lower house of German parliament, on May 15 confirmed that its IT system has been attacked by hackers.Selasa, 09 Jun 2015
Domain Registrar eNom Informs of DNS Hijacking AttackIonut Ilascu, SoftpediaeNom domain registrar informed its customers on Thursday that it was the victim of a group of attackers, who altered the domain name system (DNS) settings of four domains, redirecting traffic to different web resources than those intended by the owners.Selasa, 09 Jun 2015
DDoS attacks have doubled in a year, says AkamaiAlan Martin, Welivesecurity (ESET Blog)Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise, according to cloud service provider Akamai, with more than double the number reported from this time a year ago.Selasa, 09 Jun 2015
Could thieves use jamming technology to steal your car?Samuel Gibbs, The GuardianNext time you come back to your car and find it unlocked it might not be because you forgot to lock it – a thief sitting nearby might have actually stopped you locking your car without you knowing.Senin, 08 Jun 2015
Over 12,000 DDoS Victims Recorded in First Quarter of the Year Ionut Ilascu, SoftpediaThe number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks relying on networks of compromised systems in the first quarter of 2015 is lower than in the fourth quarter of 2014, and the amount of victims has also dropped, according to telemetry data from Kaspersky.Senin, 08 Jun 2015
Chrome Lure Used in Facebook Attack despite Google’s New PolicyChristopher Talampas, Security Intelligence Blog (Trend Micro)Just how effective is it for cybercriminals to keep using Google Chrome and Facebook to infect their victims with malware? Senin, 08 Jun 2015
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