Cybercrime News Results In Cybercrime BluesJ. Gomez, Kenneth Hsu, Kenneth Johnson, FireEye Blog"FireEye Labs recently spotted a 2011 article on cybercrime from the news site theguardian[.]com that redirects users to the Angler Exploit Kit. Successful exploitation by Angler resulted in a malware infection for readers of the article. A spokesperson for the guardian[.]com responded that they "are aware of FireEye's claims and are working to rectify the issue in question as soon as possible.Jumat, 29 Jan 2016
hidden-tear: an open source ransomware-like file crypterUTSUNSEN via GithubIt's a ransomware-like file crypter sample which can be modified for specific purposes. ....Kamis, 10 Sep 2015
MediaServer Takes Another Hit with Latest Android VulnerabilityWish Wu, Trend Labs BlogThe “hits” keep on coming for Android’s mediaserver component. We have discovered yet another Android mediaserver vulnerability, which can be exploited to perform attacks involving arbitrary code execution. With this new vulnerability, an attacker would be able to run their code with the same permissions that the mediaserver program already has as part of its normal routines. ......Kamis, 10 Sep 2015
Signed Dridex CampaignTarun Dewan and Nirmal Singh, ThreatLabZ Blog (ZScaler)Malware authors use various means to make their malware look similar to legitimate software. One such approach involves signing a malware sample with a digital certificate. Recently we saw Dridex malware authors using this technique while reviewing the samples in our Cloud Sandbox. .....Kamis, 10 Sep 2015
MMD-0039-2015 - ChinaZ made new malware: ELF Linux/BillGates.Liteunixfreaxjp, Malware Must DieYes. We found a new version of ELF malware, which is originated from Linux/BillGates codes, this ELF was spotted (thank's to Benkow) on what we suspected as ChinaZ actor's web panel, was detected on offensive action to some linux hosts in internet via SSH login bruting attack (which is not eliminating the possibility of "other known" infection methods). .........Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
Microsoft Patches USB-Related Flaw Used in Targeted AttacksMichael Mimoso, Threat Post (Kaspersky Lab Blog)Microsoft yesterday patched a vulnerability, MS15-085, in Windows Mount Manager, a driver in mountmgr.sys that assigns driver letters for dynamic and basic disk volumes. ......Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
Locker: an Android ransomware full of surprisesAxelle Apvrille, Security Research (Fortinet Blog)There are already a couple of Android ransomware, but Android/Locker.CB!tr certainly is an interesting one. Smile! The malware is taking a picture of you ...... Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
Adobe Gets Its Patch OnAamir Lakhani, Security Research (Fortinet Blog)Researchers at FortiGuard Labs recently discovered another heap overflow vulnerability in the Adobe Flash Player. The vulnerability, CVE-2015-5129, is similar to a larger group of security issues found in Flash Player, all of which could be exploited to allow remote code execution on the host system. .....Rabu, 02 Sep 2015
New Activity of the Blue Termite APTSuguru Ishimaru, Secure ListIn October 2014, Kaspersky Lab started to research “Blue Termite”, an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) targeting Japan. .......Selasa, 01 Sep 2015
Cyber espionage campaign targets India and Tibetan activistsPierluigi Paganini, Security AffairsSecurity experts at FireEye uncovered a cyber espionage campaign that targeted organizations in India and the Tibetan activists. .....Selasa, 01 Sep 2015
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