New self-protecting USB trojan able to avoid detectionTomáš Gardo?, WeLiveSecurity (ESET Blog)A unique data-stealing trojan has been spotted on USB devices in the wild – and it is different from typical data-stealing malware. .....Jumat, 01 Apr 2016
Nemucod Adds Ransomware RoutineRoland Dela Paz, Security Research (Fortinet Blog)It came to our attention that a new, rather peculiar version of Nemucod has been recently landing on users. Nemucod is a well-known JavaScript malware family that arrives via spam email and downloads additional malware to PCs. Most recently, Nemucod has been known to download TeslaCrypt ransomware variants.Jumat, 01 Apr 2016
Polymorphic Malware on the RiseCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaDuring the last year, security experts from Webroot have scanned over 27 billion URLs, 600 million domains, 4 billion IP addresses, 20 million mobile apps, 10 million connected sensors, and took a look over 9 billion file behavior records.Senin, 28 Mar 2016
New OS X Ransomware KeRanger Infected Transmission BitTorrent Client InstallerClaud Xiao and Jin Chen, Unit 42 (paloalto blog)On March 4, we detected that the Transmission BitTorrent ailient installer for OS X was infected with ransomware, just a few hours after installers were initially posted. We have named this Ransomware “KeRanger.” The only previous ransomware for OS X we are aware of is FileCoder, discovered by Kaspersky Lab in 2014. As FileCoder was incomplete at the time of its discovery, we believe KeRanger is the first fully functional ransomware seen on the OS X platform. ...Senin, 28 Mar 2016
Melrose Police pay hackers in Bitcoin to recover encryption keyAaron Leibowitz, Wicked LocalThe attack came in the form of an email sent to the entire department around 7 p.m. Thursday, Lyle said. One person opened the email, setting off a virus that voided the department’s control of a program it uses to log incident reports, known as TriTech. ....Senin, 28 Mar 2016
KeyBase Threat Grows Despite Public Takedown: A Picture is Worth a Thousand WordsJeff White, unit 42 (paloalto networks)In June 2015, Unit 42 reported on a keylogger malware family known as KeyBase, which had first appeared in February 2015. ....Senin, 28 Mar 2016
FighterPOS PoS Malware Gets Worm RoutineErika Mendoza and Jay Yaneza, TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog (Trend Micro)Last April 2015, we talked about FighterPOS, a point-of-sale (PoS) malware that was used in a one-man cybercriminal operation to steal over 22,000 unique credit card numbers and affected more than 100 PoS terminals in Brazil and other countries. We recently came across new and seemingly improved versions of this malware. Among other things, FighterPOS now has propagation capabilities; meaning, it could spread from one PoS malware terminal to another that is connected to the same network and thereby increasing the number of potential victims in one organization.Senin, 28 Mar 2016
Exploit Kits in 2015: Flash Bugs, Compromised Sites, Malvertising DominateBrooks Li and Joseph C. Chen, TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog (Trend Micro)Threats never stand still, and exploits kits were no exception. 2015 saw multiple changes to this part of the threat landscape: freshly-discovered exploits were added, and compromised websites and malvertising were used to deploy and spread threats using exploit kits. ....Senin, 28 Mar 2016
Hackers hold German hospital data hostageSarah Steffen, DWSeveral hospitals in Germany have come under attack by ransomware, a type of virus that locks files and demands cash to free data it maliciously encrypted. It will take weeks until all systems are up and running again. ....Senin, 28 Mar 2016
Anonymous Goes After Miami Police Officer Who Doxed an Innocent WomanCatalin Cimpanu, SoftpediaTruthSec, one of the smaller hacking crews that claim to be part of Anonymous, has responded to a Miami police officer who doxed an innocent woman, by releasing his private information as well. ....Senin, 28 Mar 2016
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