Iran-Saudi tensions erupt in 'cyberwar'

"Mainly Shia Iran and Saudi Arabia have long been regional rivals but
tensions worsened dramatically last year, partly because of the
conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

Within days of Gen Jalali's remarks, Iranian and Saudi hackers were
attacking websites in each other's countries in what Iranian media
called "all-out cyberwar".

On 25 May, a self-proclaimed hacker from Saudi Arabia calling himself
"Da3s" apparently attacked the websites of Iran's Statistical Centre and
Registration Office, defacing the homepages with a photo of former Iraqi
leader Saddam Hussein, who fought an eight-year war with Iran in the 1980s.
A day after Da3s's attacks, a group calling itself "Iran Security Team"
retaliated by targeting Saudi Arabia's General Authority for Statistics
and King Abdulaziz University, defacing their websites with a jeering
message of its own."

  • Tuesday, 14 Jun 2016
  • By admin

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