Banking Trojan has infected at least 40K Android users worldwide

Hundreds of different banking Trojans attack Android users, one being
Android.SmsSpy.88.origin, which was first spotted in 2014.

Despite seeming outdated, Doctor Web researchers say the popularity
rating is still high. Cyber-criminals have made the Trojan more

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Mobile App Flaw Would Have Allowed Hacker to Steal $25 Billion from Indian Bank

Sathya Prakash, an Indian security researcher, discovered several
security issues with the mobile app developed by an Indian bank, which,
if exploited, would have allowed a hacker to steal all of the bank's funds.
Furthermore, Prakash also discovered that the app h

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Why people like Edward Snowden say they will boycott Google’s newest messaging app

Google this week announced a new messaging app with strong encryption
that even the government, with a warrant, can't wiretap. But there’s a
catch: You have to turn on that feature yourself.

The tech titan’s plan to launch Allo this summer without end-to-end

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
A Look Inside Cerber Ransomware

The “Cerber” family of ransomware first appeared in open source
reporting in March 2016, with victims readily identified by the
“.cerber” extension left on encrypted files.

Unlike many other ransomware variants, Cerber is designed to encrypt a

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Couple hosting Tor exit node raided by cops investigating child abuse

Jan Bultmann and David Robinson, a married couple from Seattle and
well-known privacy activists in that city, were awakened early one
morning last month by police with a search warrant for their home.

The detectives from the Seattle Police Department demanded passwords to

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Former Scotland Yard detective discusses cymbercrime [sic] and threat intelligence

Steve Santorelli, passionate about Internet security and committed to
bringing folks together to attack the problem in many ways.
Having worked in the private, government and not-for-profit sectors,
from a cybersecurity perspective what are the advantages and challenge

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
How You Can Set up Honeytokens Using Canarytokens to Detect Intrusions

A honeytoken is data or a computing resource that exists for the
purpose of alerting you when someone accesses it. This type of a
honeypot could take many form, such as a user account that no one should
use, a file that no one should access and a link on which no one should

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Student bypasses Valve’s review process, publishes game on Steam

That’s what Ruby Nealon, a 16-year-old computer science student at
University of Salford did: in order to prove that he discovered a couple
of review bypass bugs affecting Valve’s Steam platform, he leveraged
them to get some Steam Trading Cards approved, and to publ

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Troy investment company hacked; $495K stolen

"Police received a report on April 18 from the Pomeroy Investment Corp.
that an employee had received an email from another company worker
requesting the transfer of $495,000 to a Hong Kong bank.

Eight days later, the company determined the email was a fake designed

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Universities aren’t doing enough to train the cyberdefenders America desperately needs

"None of America's top 10 computer science programs -- as ranked by U.S.
News & World Report in 2015 -- requires graduates to take even one
cybersecurity course, according to a new analysis from security firm

Three of the 10 top-ranked programs

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
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