Microsoft unveils "Project Bletchley" secure blockchain framework

Project Bletchley has been introduced by Microsoft and will use
blockchain to secure financial transaction history and protect against fraud

Microsoft has unveiled details of its “Project Bletchley” service that
will use blockchain to ensure that transaction histor

Selasa, 28 Jun 2016
GoToMyPC accounts hacked, all customer passwords reset

Experiencing a problem logging into GoToMyPC? There's a reason for
that. Your password has been reset by Citrix, the company which runs
GoToMyPC.com, after hackers reportedly attacked the service.

Here is part of GoToMyPC's security advisory:


Senin, 27 Jun 2016
Morgan Stanley Pays $1 Million SEC Fine For Failure to Protect Customer Data

Global financial services firm Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay a $1
million penalty for failure to safeguard customer data, the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said on Wednesday.

According to a statement by the SEC, the Wall Street bank violated a

Senin, 27 Jun 2016
Nemucod ups its game

Some time ago, we detailed how the Locky ransomware infection process
works. Since then, the creators of the Nemucod “downloader” (the code
responsible for downloading and executing malware like Locky) have been
hard at work polishing their code.

One of the l

Senin, 27 Jun 2016
Hypervisor wiretap feature can leak data from the cloud

The technique, dubbed TeLeScope, has been developed for research
purposes and proves that a third-party can eavesdrop on communications
encrypted with the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol between an
end-user and a virtualised instance of a server.

Senin, 27 Jun 2016
Hacker Spied on Canadian Political Party's Meetings via Video Camera Feeds

The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), a federalist provincial political party
in Canada, fixed a security issue in their video conferencing software
that allowed an unknown hacker to spy on their meetings and even access
the video camera feeds when he wanted.

Fortunately, the

Senin, 27 Jun 2016
Scammers claim there is a virus in Appleā€™s iTunes database

Scammers are once again targeting Apple customers in their attempt to
hijack accounts and steal payment information.

Security researcher Bryan Campbell raised the alarm, posting on Twitter
an email he had been sent which posed as a communication from “Apple

Kamis, 23 Jun 2016
The surprising tool bots use to get around those pesky captchas

Miranda shed light on how scalpers use bots to buy up tickets to plays,
operas, concerts and other events in milliseconds, only to resell them
for at least double their original price on sites such as StubHub.

As Miranda outlined, this activity is both super profitable and ill

Kamis, 23 Jun 2016
IPv4 hijackers setting up shell companies to hoard and sell addresses

We’ve long known it was coming, and it finally happened in September
2015: the pool of available IPv4 addresses for North America completely
dried up.
But there’s a whole other category of activity going on, Nobile said,
and it’s a whole lot sli

Kamis, 23 Jun 2016
Google Nearby: location-aware popup ads for location-aware apps

Simply put, companies that want to advertise their apps or websites
using Nearby deploy a tiny Bluetooth-based hardware device known as an
Eddystone beacon.

Eddystone is a protocol devised by Google to allow advertisers to find
and communicate with your mobile phone as y

Kamis, 23 Jun 2016
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