New Variant of TinyPOS Discovered

"While we wait to discover what and how the Trump Hotel Collection was
breached, a new version of the TinyPOS point-of-sale (PoS) malware has
been discovered by Foregenix.

This malware functions as a typical memory scraper. It gathers input
card data before the syst

Senin, 23 May 2016
Bug in OS X Messages client exposes messages, attachments

"When in March Apple pushed out security updates for its many products,
much attention has been given to a zero-day bug discovered by a team of
Johns Hopkins University researchers, which could have allowed attackers
to decrypt intercepted iMessages.

Another vulnera

Senin, 23 May 2016
Creator of spoofed police Facebook page may be charged with felony

"On 2 March 2016, some joker posted a Facebook page that spoofed a
police department, replete with fake news posts and insults.

The site’s since been taken down.

Its alleged creator, 27-year-old Anthony Novak, of the US city of Parma,
Ohio, was arrested on F

Jumat, 20 May 2016
German police arrest international cyber ring suspect

"Police investigating a ring of global cyber criminals arrested the
22-year-old main suspect in Germany and carried out raids across several
countries, prosecutors in the west German city of Koblenz said on Wednesday.

About 700 police carried out early morning raids on 17

Jumat, 20 May 2016
Iranian Hacker Arrested for Stealing American Airlines Air Miles Worth $260,000

"Miami police revealed details about a criminal case from 2015 during
which officers arrested an Iranian national studying in the US for
stealing reward air miles from American Airlines customers worth $260,000.

The suspect's name is Milad Avadzavani, a former Florida

Jumat, 20 May 2016
Man jailed for failing to decrypt hard drives

"A man has been held in prison for seven months after failing to decrypt
two hard drives that investigators suspect contain indecent images of

A court order says the man will remain jailed "until such time that he
fully complies" with an order to

Jumat, 20 May 2016
Philippines arrests tech graduate suspected of hacking poll body's website

"Philippine law enforcers have arrested an information technology
graduate on charges of hacking the website of the Commission on
Elections (Comelec), officials said on Thursday, less than three weeks
before a presidential election that could be very close.

The May

Jumat, 20 May 2016
Prosecutor suspended over fake Facebook profile used in murder prosecution

"A US lawyer from Ohio has been suspended for a year for posing as the
mistress of a murderer on Facebook to turn his girlfriend against him.

The assistant county prosecutor, Aaron Brockler, got creative on social
media while he was working a case involving a 2012 murder.

Jumat, 20 May 2016
FBI Quietly Admits to Multi-Year APT Attack, Sensitive Data Stolen

"The FBI issued a rare bulletin admitting that a group named Advanced
Persistent Threat 6 (APT6) hacked into US government computer systems as
far back as 2011 and for years stole sensitive data.

The FBI alert was issued in February and went largely unnoticed. Nearly

Senin, 16 May 2016
ISIS 'MOLE working inside MoD as part of plan to secretly infiltrate UK'

"The stark allegations come after the Islamic State Hacking Division
published the names, addresses and photographs of dozens of American
military personnel believed to have been involved in a series of drone
strikes against jihadis in Iraq and Syria.

On its website

Senin, 16 May 2016
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