Chinese-language Ransomware Makes An Appearance

Whenever a threat is “localized” to a specific region, it’s a sign that
attackers believe there is money to be made. Ransomware has made
millions of dollars around the world, and it looks like it’s poking its
nose into a new part of the world: China. Howe

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Hacker leaks data from darknet hitman website

There’s a saying about “honor among thieves” that suggests people who
break the law will respect one another. However, that is not the case at
all, particularly when it comes to cyber crime. A hacker has struck the
darknet site “Besa Mafia,” leaking

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Inside Nuclear’s Core: Unraveling a Ransomware-as-a-Service Infrastructure

Nuclear’s infrastructure is not the work of a lone wolf. According to
our findings, the leading developer is located in Krasnodar, Russia.
Nuclear is rented to cybercriminals for a few thousand dollars a month.
We found 15 active Nuclear control panels. Doing the math, we

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
iOS app detecting phones jailbroken by malware booted from App Store

The System and Security Info iOS app by German IT security outfit
SektionEins has been pulled from Apple’s App Store less than a week
after it was made available.

The app shows detailed information about the device it is installed –
info on CPU, memory and di

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Petya is back and with a friend named Mischa Ransomware

A new installer for Petya was released that also installs the Mischa
Ransomware if it is unable to gain Administrative privileges.  In the
past, when Petya was installed it requested Administrative privileges so
that it could modify the master boot record. If it was unable

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Banking Trojan has infected at least 40K Android users worldwide

Hundreds of different banking Trojans attack Android users, one being
Android.SmsSpy.88.origin, which was first spotted in 2014.

Despite seeming outdated, Doctor Web researchers say the popularity
rating is still high. Cyber-criminals have made the Trojan more

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Mobile App Flaw Would Have Allowed Hacker to Steal $25 Billion from Indian Bank

Sathya Prakash, an Indian security researcher, discovered several
security issues with the mobile app developed by an Indian bank, which,
if exploited, would have allowed a hacker to steal all of the bank's funds.
Furthermore, Prakash also discovered that the app h

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
Why people like Edward Snowden say they will boycott Google’s newest messaging app

Google this week announced a new messaging app with strong encryption
that even the government, with a warrant, can't wiretap. But there’s a
catch: You have to turn on that feature yourself.

The tech titan’s plan to launch Allo this summer without end-to-end

Jumat, 03 Jun 2016
A Look Inside Cerber Ransomware

The “Cerber” family of ransomware first appeared in open source
reporting in March 2016, with victims readily identified by the
“.cerber” extension left on encrypted files.

Unlike many other ransomware variants, Cerber is designed to encrypt a

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
Couple hosting Tor exit node raided by cops investigating child abuse

Jan Bultmann and David Robinson, a married couple from Seattle and
well-known privacy activists in that city, were awakened early one
morning last month by police with a search warrant for their home.

The detectives from the Seattle Police Department demanded passwords to

Kamis, 02 Jun 2016
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