Keep Calm and (Don’t) Enable Macros: A New Threat Actor Targets UAE Dissidents

This report describes a campaign of targeted spyware attacks carried
out by a sophisticated operator, which we call Stealth Falcon.  The
attacks have been conducted from 2012 until the present, against Emirati
journalists, activists, and dissidents.  We discovered this

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
DDoS Attacks via TFTP Protocol Become a Reality After Research Goes Public

Almost three months after researchers from the Edinburgh Napier
University published a study on how to carry out reflection DDoS attacks
by abusing TFTP servers, Akamai is now warning of real-life attacks.

Akamai SIRT, the company's security team, says its engineers have

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
FBI Warns of Bitcoin-Based Extortion Attempts Following Recent Mega Breaches

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued a public
alert today, warning against a spike in Bitcoin-based extortion attempts
against regular US citizens who had their personal details leaked in one
of the recent mega breaches.

The FBI says crooks coll

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
TeamViewer Denies Hack, Blames Password Reuse for Compromises

Remote support software company TeamViewer continues to contest claims
this week it was hacked and instead claims that password reuse and
careless user actions may have led to some of its customers’ machines
being compromised.

The German company has been vigilant w

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
FBI Warns Against Wireless Keystroke Loggers Disguised as USB Chargers

At the end of April, the FBI issued a public alert regarding
KeySweeper, a piece of custom hardware created by security researcher
Samy Kamkar as a proof-of-concept project, capable of stealing
keystrokes from wireless Microsoft keyboards by intercepting nearby
radio signa

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
The Rio Olympics: Scammers Already Competing

A few years ago, spammers and scammers were not as interested in the
Olympics as they were in football (the World Cup and European
Championships). The first major increase in the number of spam messages
devoted to the Olympic Games occurred in the run-up to the Winter

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
CYBER.POLICE Android Ransomware still on patrol…

Over the weekend we saw the following rogue Android APK being
downloaded to mobile devices via a rogue advert. It claims to be an
“Adult Player”, but is really a piece of Ransomware bearing the name
“CYBER.POLICE” which has been doing the rounds for a whi

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
Cybercrime economy: The business of hacking

The profile of typical cyber attackers – and the interconnected nature
of their underground economy – have evolved in the last several years.
Adversaries are increasingly leveraging management principles in the
creation and expansion of their operations to ultimately

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
LG Smartphones Affected by Two Severe Vulnerabilities

Two researchers from Check Point's mobile security division uncovered
two vulnerabilities in LG's custom modification of the Android OS, which
enable attackers to take control of the device.

The researchers presented their findings at this year's LayerOne

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
Google to shame partners that don't offer Android updates quickly enough

Google is considering naming and shaming manufacturers that are slow to
roll out the latest version of Android to mobile devices in a bid to
solve the fragmentation problem that blights the platform.
Google apparently has a list that ranks manufacturers in order of how

Selasa, 07 Jun 2016
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