Hire a DDoS Attack for as Little as Five Dollars

Fancy a career as a blackmailing cybercriminal but don’t have the
technical nous?

Don’t worry, you can easily find people all too willing to help you
embark on your life in cybercrime via popular freelance-hiring websites.
And, it seems, you may only need to

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
Milwaukee Bucks Fall to Phishing Attack, Players’ W-2 Records Compromised

The Milwaukee Bucks confirmed that a phishing email scam resulted in
the NBA franchise disclosing the financial records of the team’s players
and staff.

In a statement made last week, the team said it has reported the
incident to the IRS and the FBI.


Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
LinkedIn is Latest Contributor to Breach Fatigue

Breach data markets used to be more cloak and dagger. Now the data is
a commodity. LinkedIn data is for sale on not just the dark web, but
also sites like Leaked Source who are selling what are essentially
day-passes to the data,” Hunt said.
“With dat

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
What’s driving Silicon Valley to become ‘radicalized’

Like many Silicon Valley start-ups, Larry Gadea’s company collects
heaps of sensitive data from his customers.

Recently, he decided to do something with that data trove that was long
considered unthinkable: He is getting rid of it.
“We have to keep

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
Can Google replace passwords by tracking you more thoroughly?

Google thinks it has the answer: build the biometric measurements into
the device and the operating system itself by tracking some, any or all
of how you type, speak, move, and otherwise conduct your online life…

…so that the device can vouch for you at any momen

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
Canary Watch Project Runs Its Course

Warrant canaries aren’t definitive markers that a company has been
served with a National Security Letter or some other type of court order
mandating that customer information be turned over to a government
agency or law enforcement. But oftentimes, they are a strong indic

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
Quantum Computing Comes to the Cloud

"IBM has made quantum computing as a cloud service available to the
world for the first time. You can check ideas against a real, functional
device, although the interface also lets users try ideas out on a simulator.
This is not a full-blown quantum computer, but

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
49% of IT pros retain access to their ex-employer's network

"Half of IT professionals admit to maintaining access to their
employer's network after leaving the company.

A study from Protected Networks found that three quarters of the 49
percent who retained access used their permissions to access their
former employer

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
Skimmers Found at Walmart: A Closer Look

"Recent local news stories about credit card skimmers found in
self-checkout lanes at some Walmart locations reminds me of a criminal
sales pitch I saw recently for overlay skimmers made specifically for
the very same card terminals.

Much like the skimmers fo

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
WordPress Sites Under Attack from New Zero-Day in WP Mobile Detector Plugin

"Attackers have been using a newly discovered zero-day in the WP Mobile
Detector plugin to upload backdoor scripts on WordPress sites and are
currently employing it to upload adult-themed SEO spam on affected websites.

The WP Mobile Detector plugin is a simple tool that d

Rabu, 08 Jun 2016
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