RECON 2016 Call For Papers

"REcon is a computer security conference with a focus on reverse
engineering and advanced exploitation techniques. It is held annually
in Montreal, Canada. For 2016 it will be held June 17th through the
19th and the Call For Papers has been announced."

Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
A new wave of attacks linked to the Codoso ATP Group

"According to Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 the Chinese APT group Codoso
has been targeting organizations in various industries in a new wave
of cyber attacks.
The group of experts at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 have uncovered a
new cyber espionage operation conduc

Senin, 15 Feb 2016

(Tokyo, February 2016-rl) Security contest atau seccon adalah ajang kejuaran atau lomba para hackers yang diselenggarakan di Tokyo, Jepang. Awalnya kejuaraan ini hanya untuk kalangan hackers di jepang, tapi sejalan dengan semakin populernya dunia IT dan cyber, dan semakin maraknya kegiatan hackin

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
BlackShades RAT Co-Creator Receives Five Years of Probation

"On Friday, Michael Hogue, 25, of Arizona, who went by the name
“xVisceral” online, received his sentence from U.S. District Judge
Keven Castel in Manhattan after pleading guilty back in 2013 to
distributing the malware and conspiring to gain unauthorized access

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Boy arrested over TalkTalk hacking settles case against Twitter

"A Co Antrim schoolboy arrested over the cyberattack on TalkTalk has
settled his claim for damages against Twitter.
The 15-year-old’s privacy action was resolved on confidential terms,
with no admission of liability by the social networking service.

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Hackers post private files of America's biggest police union

"In an online posting, a person using the screen name Cthulhu said he
or she had released the files after receiving them from a source who
wished to remain anonymous and wanted them made public “in light of an
ever increasing divide between the police groups and the c

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Attackers Dropping Kasidet Bot via Office Macros

"The researchers claim the same VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
macros in Microsoft Office files that are being leveraged to drop
Dridex – are dropping Kasidet as well. Both are using attachments
masquerading as scanned documents in spearphishing emails to do so.<

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Norcon 2016 Call For Papers

"If you have interesting topics to present, you are welcome to submit!
Call for Papers ends March 5th.

Email your submission to: cfp@norcon.info with the subject: CFP NORCON

Topics for Norcon (so far):

Hacking web applications
Gift card enumera

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
NSA’s top hacking boss explains how to protect your network from his attack squads

"... the head of its elite Tailored Access Operations (TAO) hacking
team has appeared at Usenix’s Enigma conference to tell the assembled
security experts how to make his life difficult.
It’s amazing how often simple issues come up and allow access to<

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Stay safe with our Facebook cheat sheet

"With this in mind, on Safer Internet Day, we show you how to
customize your Facebook privacy settings.

1) Choose a secure password
2) Setup login alert
3) Set up login approvals
4) Set up your posts to be shared with ‘Friends only’
5) Check

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
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