Attackers Dropping Kasidet Bot via Office Macros

"The researchers claim the same VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
macros in Microsoft Office files that are being leveraged to drop
Dridex – are dropping Kasidet as well. Both are using attachments
masquerading as scanned documents in spearphishing emails to do so.<

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Norcon 2016 Call For Papers

"If you have interesting topics to present, you are welcome to submit!
Call for Papers ends March 5th.

Email your submission to: cfp@norcon.info with the subject: CFP NORCON

Topics for Norcon (so far):

Hacking web applications
Gift card enumera

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
NSA’s top hacking boss explains how to protect your network from his attack squads

"... the head of its elite Tailored Access Operations (TAO) hacking
team has appeared at Usenix’s Enigma conference to tell the assembled
security experts how to make his life difficult.
It’s amazing how often simple issues come up and allow access to<

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Stay safe with our Facebook cheat sheet

"With this in mind, on Safer Internet Day, we show you how to
customize your Facebook privacy settings.

1) Choose a secure password
2) Setup login alert
3) Set up login approvals
4) Set up your posts to be shared with ‘Friends only’
5) Check

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Islamic State in recruitment spree for Indian hackers

"Islamic State is recruiting hackers in India to break into government
systems, with the India Times reporting that the hackers are being
paid over $10,000 for every job they do.

India-based cyber crime expert Kislay Chaudhary told the India Times:
“There are

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Tool for Hacking Facebook Accounts Contains Remtasu Spyware

"This malware's most recent variant, Win32/Remtasu.Y, has been
observed since the beginning of the year employing a new trick to
infect computers.

While previous variants used spam email and weaponized Microsoft
Office files to infect computers, Win32/Remtasu.Y

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Hacker May Have Punched Through FBI Cyber Security With One Phone Call

"The hacker already had a password for a Justice employee’s email
account, according to Motherboard, which first reported the breach
Feb. 7. From the account, he attempted to log into a restricted
department website. When he couldn’t enter, he dialed the relevan

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Russian Hackers Used Weaponized Word Files to Infect Ukraine's Power Grid

"Two reports released yesterday by both Kaspersky and SentinelOne
revealed more details about the malware attack on Ukraine's power
grid, which took place this past Christmas.
Besides ESET, who initially reported on this topic, two other security

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
NASA hacked by AnonSec that hijacked a $222m Global Hawk drone

"The Anonsec hackers haven’t hacked the NASA systems, they revealed to
have paid other hackers for the access to an agency system. Anonsec
gained a user account running on a fully patched version of Debian,
but the group used it for lateral movements inside the system

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
Apple Fixes Multiple Vulnerabilities in tvOS Security Update 9.1.1

"The bulletin refers Apple users to tvOS security update 9.1.1, which
patches eight different vulnerabilities for Apple TV.

Specifically, the update fixes seven memory corruption issues that
were found in the Disk Images, IOHIDFamily, IOKit, Kernel, syslog, and

Senin, 15 Feb 2016
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