German Police Create a New Version of Bundestrojaner (Federal Trojan)

"The German government has approved that a new version of the infamous
Bundestrojaner (Federal Trojan) malware be used against real-life
targets, after authorities have been working on an updated version for
the past months.
The trojan found itself in the mi

Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Russia to spend $250 m strengthening cyber-offensive capabilities

"Russia fires a warning shot across the US bows in response to the 'US
offensive cyber-threat,' saying that it does not lag behind the US when
it comes to cyber-technology, noting that its hackers are among the best.

Russia plans to significantly strengthen its cy

Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Emissary Trojan Changelog: Did Operation Lotus Blossom Cause It to Evolve?

"In December 2015, Unit 42 published a blog about a cyber espionage
attack using the Emissary Trojan as a payload. Emissary is related to
the Elise Trojan and the Operation Lotus Blossom attack campaign, which
prompted us to start collecting additional samples of Emissary.<

Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
KillDisk and BlackEnergy Are Not Just Energy Sector Threats

"Our new intelligence on BlackEnergy expands previous findings on the
first wide-scale coordinated attack against industrial networks. Based
on our research that we will further outline below, attackers behind the
outages in two power facilities in Ukraine in Decembe

Rabu, 02 Mar 2016
Flint hospital confirms 'cyber attack,' Anonymous threatens action over water crisis

"The hospital confirmed the attack Thursday, Jan. 21, but few details
were released.

"Hurley Medical Center has IT systems in place, which aid in detecting
a virus or cyber attack," hospital spokeswoman Ilene Cantor said. "As
such, all policies and pr

Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Anonymous Targets South African Government Employees Through Job Portal Hack

"Members of the Anonymous hacker collective have breached one of South
Africa's job portals, stolen all the data, but only leaked details
belonging to government employees.

The attack was part of Anonymous' most recent iteration of the
#OpAfrica campaign, wh

Selasa, 16 Feb 2016

"KeyBase is a multipurpose bot that is used to load additional
malware, log keystrokes, steal saved passwords, steal clipboard
contents, and take screen captures of the infected computer and upload
them to the controller.
We have observed Keybase being promoted in hac

Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
FIRST Amsterdam Technical Colloquium (TC) 2016

"We'd like to announce a "Save the Date" and "Call for Speakers" for the
FIRST Amsterdam Technical Colloquium (TC) 2016. The event,  hosted by
Cisco Systems in Amsterdam, Netherlands will be a plenary style
conference held on the 19th and 20th o

Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
South American Hacktivist Leaks Data from Colombian Government Websites

"The hacker known as Hanom1960 has breached, stole, and leaked
information from Colombia's Ministry of Information Technologies and
Communications and Ministry of National Education.

Hanom, who claims he's part of the newer generation of LulsZec
members, mad

Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
Vigilante Hackers Fight Lizard Squad For Control Of 150,000 Home Routers

"The White Team not only has some detractors in the security world due
to the illegality of their work, but in the criminal world too. Lizard
Squad even sent a mocking email to the vigilantes from one of its main
admin accounts, the owner of which confirmed to be genuine. T

Selasa, 16 Feb 2016
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