Pawn Storm Campaign Adds Turkey To Its List of Targets

"Pawn Storm, the long-running cyber espionage campaign, added to its
long list of targets several government offices (including the office of
the prime minister and the Turkish parliament) and one of the largest
newspapers in Turkey. Pawn Storm has been known to attack a di

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
Snapchat got whaled, employee payroll released

"The social media company Snapchat has been made the victim of a Whaling
attack which resulted in private payroll information being released.
With hat in hand, the company told the public that “it's with real
remorse–and embarrassment–that on

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
7 tips for securing the Internet of Things

"I’ve recently had the opportunity to purchase some “smart” devices that
everyone seems to be referring to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

If you ignore the cool-sounding name, however, an IoT device is really
just another computer, but one where you do

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
HackingTeam Releases New Malware Targeting Mac

"For the past few weeks, security researchers from Palo Alto Networks,
SentinelOne, and Synack have been analyzing a new malware sample
targeting Mac OS X, which appears to be the work of the infamous

The HackingTeam is a controversial and despised Ital

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
Five websites attacked by @NewWorldHacking as part of #OpAbdiMohamed

"The hacker group @NewWorldHacking claims responsibility for DDoS
attacks against five websites as part of #OpAbdiMohamed.

The attacks were announced on Twitter on 13 March between 03:21 and
23:16 GMT.

The following websites were targeted:


Senin, 21 Mar 2016
Turkish hackers claim responsibility for LA hospital ransomware

"Turkish hackers have claimed responsibility for the recent ransomware
attack on a Los Angeles hospital.

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre was infected with ransomware
several weeks ago, shutting down the hospital's computer systems for
nearly two wee

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
Turkish Hacker Pleads Guilty to Stealing $55M From ATMs Across the World

"Ercan Findikoglu, 34, a Turkish citizen and leader of an international
criminal group has pleaded guilty to 18 charges in front of a New York
judge after he was extradited to the US last summer.

Findikoglu, also known in online circles as "Segate," "Predat

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
ISIS Hacks the Wrong Google

"Hackers officially affiliated with the ISIS militant group, going under
the name of Cyber Caliphate Army (CCA) have hacked Google, and then
bragged about it on their internal chat, without realizing they hacked
the "wrong Google."

According to a series of

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
Espionage Malware, Watering Hole Attacks Target Diplomats

"Diplomats and military personnel in India have been victimized in
targeted espionage attacks that use a number of means of infection
including phishing and watering hole sites.

Researchers at Proofpoint this week published a report on Operation
Transparent Tribe, w

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
Nations have injected malware into industrial control systems 'just in case'

"Developed nations are likely to have created and covertly deployed
malware in industrial control systems (ICS) used in other countries in
case it ever needs to be used in a conflict.

Anthony Kolish, a senior vice president at FireEye, is convinced that
this has hap

Senin, 21 Mar 2016
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