Trident upgraded to protect against cyber attack

"Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent is to be updated to protect it from
cyber attack.

Software in the nuclear missile system will be upgraded as defence
officials admitted there was “legitimate concern” about threats from
cyber hackers.


Senin, 16 May 2016
UK Teen That Sold DDoS Tools on the Dark Web Avoids Going to Prison

"Grant Manser, 20, of Kidderminster, a town near Birmingham, in the UK,
has pleaded guilty to selling DDoS stressers on the Dark Web that had
been used to bring down servers and websites in the UK and many European

Manser started his life of cyber-crime w

Senin, 16 May 2016
Vengeful Hacker Risks Ten Years in Prison for DDoSing Security Firm's Website

"A man from Oklahoma City is risking ten years in prison after harassing
a security researcher that helped law enforcement catch and send to jail
a fellow member of his hacking crew.

In 2009 and through 2011, Benjamin Earnest Nichols, 37, was part of the

Senin, 16 May 2016
Shifting Tactics: Tracking changes in years-long espionage campaign against Tibetans

"This report describes the latest iteration in a long-running espionage
campaign against the Tibetan community.  We detail how the attackers
continuously adapt their campaigns to their targets, shifting tactics
from document-based malware to conventional phishing that

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
U.S. National Guard may join cyber offense against Islamic State: Carter

"U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the National Guard's cyber
squadrons will play an increasingly important role in assessing the
vulnerabilities of U.S. industrial infrastructure and could be asked to
join the fight against Islamic State.

The National Guar

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
US cyberbombs Islamic State on the 'virtual battlefield'

"In an effort to disrupt the terrorist group's ability to operate and
communicate, the US military has launched cyberattacks against its
networks, Department of Defense officials said during a press briefing
on Monday. The attacks are part of operations with Iraqi and K

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
Cyberstalker sentenced to 10 years in prison

"Michael Daniel Rubens, 31, formerly of Tallahassee, was sentenced today
to 10 years in prison, a $15,000 fine, and $1,550 in restitution for
cyberstalking, unauthorized access to a protected computer, and
aggravated identity theft. The sentence was announced by Christopher

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
Attack of the week: DROWN

"This year's season is off to a roaring start with not one, but two
serious bugs announcements by the OpenSSL project, each of which
guarantees that your TLS connections are much less than private than
you'd like them to be. I can't talk about both vulnerabiliti

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
Caution Urged over Patched Windows USB Driver Flaw

"USB-related vulnerabilities make people nervous; you need look no
further than Stuxnet and BadUSB to see the dangers associated with
infected portable storage devices and peripherals.

Yesterday, Microsoft patched a flaw in the Windows USB Mass Storage
Class Driver

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
New Malware ‘Rover’ Targets Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan

"On December 24, 2015, Unit 42 identified a targeted attack, delivered
via email, on a high profile Indian diplomat, an Ambassador to
Afghanistan. The body and content of the email suggest that it was
crafted and spoofed to look like it was sent by the current Defence

Senin, 28 Mar 2016
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