Dark Motives Online: An Analysis of Overlapping Technologies Used by Cybercriminals and Terrorist Organizations

To answer the question we posed before: Yes, cybercriminals and
terrorists are more similar than we think – they use similar platforms
and services online, but also with some key differences.
Unsurprisingly, remaining anonymous is of utmost importance to

Rabu, 01 Jun 2016
Home Brew iPhone Malware Kit Makes Spying On Apple Devices Easy

But when one has access to an iPhone, it’s possible to quickly install
malware that appears to be legitimate, as shown by a new software called
Su-A-Cyder, which automates the process of creating quick and dirty spyware.

As shown in the video below, the tool can help spi

Selasa, 31 May 2016
Phantom riders abusing stolen Uber users' accounts for strange journeys

Scammers are stealing Uber users' account credentials and abusing them
to take "phantom rides" wherever they want.

As reported by The Guardian, all sorts of people, including TV
personalities, have had their accounts taken over by scammers and
charged for r

Selasa, 31 May 2016
Is your train or bus eavesdropping on your conversation?

In at least two US states, privacy advocates are raising questions
about the use of surveillance equipment to record audio on trains and buses.

New Jersey Transit is defending its recording audio on light rail
trains, although the agency won’t say exactly how it is using

Selasa, 31 May 2016
Phishing Campaign Sends Out Scam Emails Containing Recipient’s Home Address

A new phishing scam is targeting thousands of people with scam emails
that contain the recipient’s home address.

On Wednesday, Zack Whittaker, a writer for ZDNet, received a spam email
that contained his home address from approximately eight years ago.


Selasa, 31 May 2016
Dark Web marketplace “Nucleus” vanishes – and no one knows why

Collapse of the Nucleus

This time, it’s a drug-related market called Nucleus, and no one seems
to know quite why the site has vanished.

Busted? On the run from law enforcement? Doing a giant bilk? Hacked
through a security hole? Hit by ransomware?

Selasa, 31 May 2016
LA judge forces woman to unlock iPhone with fingerprint

Ever since Apple introduced Touch ID, privacy and legal experts have
been saying that biometric information such as fingerprints are like our
DNA samples or our voice imprints: they’re simply a part of us. They
don’t reveal anything that we know, meaning that they do

Selasa, 31 May 2016
Yahoo Releases Second Wave of Unsealed FISC Documents

In 2007, the U.S. government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if
it failed to cooperate with a court request to hand over records of
extensive online communications by its users. Yahoo eventually complied,
but not before it fought hard in court not to do so, calling the r

Selasa, 31 May 2016
WhatsApp vs Telegram

The competition for the most secure instant messaging tool has been
running for years. It re-surfaced this month when WhatsApp announced it
has completed implementing end-to-end encryption. Curiously, in security
research circles, this has resulted in endless debates between Wha

Selasa, 31 May 2016
IT threat evolution in Q1 2016

Top 20 countries with the highest levels of computer infection

Country*    % of unique users**
1    Somalia    66.88%
2    Yemen    66.82%
3    Armenia    65.17%

Selasa, 31 May 2016
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