That Nigerian Prince Has Evolved His Game
Diposting : Senin, 28 Nov 2016

"Today Unit 42 published its latest paper focused on Nigerian
cybercrime. Applying advanced analytics to a dataset of 8,400 malware
samples resulted in the attribution of over 500 domains supporting
malware activity linked to roughly 100 unique actors or groups.
As a whole we have observed that Nigerian actors have graduated from
their traditional 419-style email scams. Malware attacks have grown
steadily over the past two years from fewer than 100 attacks in July
2014 to their current rate of 5,000–8,000 per month. These attacks are
largely victim-agnostic, spanning all major industry verticals and
focusing more on businesses than individuals.
Attribution of these actors revealed that, first and foremost, they are
educated. Many have attended secondary schools and hold undergraduate
degrees in technical fields. These actors range in age from late teenage
years to their mid-40s, representing a wide range of generations. This
results in a combination of older actors who were successful with
traditional 419 scams and social engineering, working with younger
actors who bring an understanding of malware to the table. More
importantly, these actors are becoming organized, using social media to
communicate, coordinate and share tools and techniques."

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