New cybersecurity report focuses on the private sector
Diposting : Senin, 28 Nov 2016

"George Washington University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security
(CCHS), a “think and do” tank responsible for carrying out research and
analysis on homeland security, counter-terrorism, and cybersecurity
issues, has recently released a new, 86-page report [PDF] entitled,
“Into the Gray Zone: The Private Sector and Active Defense against Cyber

The authors behind the report—experts in the fields of technology,
privacy, security, law, and business communities—have presented the
premise that although the U.S. government has a role to play in
cybersecurity, it still lacks the resources needed to fully protect the
private sector, thus, the responsibility of protection falls on private
sector entities themselves. As such, the authors have provided a
framework these private businesses can use and incorporate within their
organizations in order to effectively address issues concerning
cybersecurity that are affecting them and their clients."

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