10 Cybersecurity Lessons From 10 Years’ Experience at IBM
Diposting : Rabu, 23 Nov 2016

"1. Don’t Forget the Basics

The Australian Department of Defence is respected in security circles
for its list of 30 strategies to mitigate targeted attacks. Right up
there at the top is simple stuff, such as patching operating systems and
applications and locking down admin accounts. You have to think about
basic security hygiene first and foremost. This is the foundation of a
strong security program — everything else is built on top.
3. Technology Is Only One Part of Security

Being tech-oriented, security professionals often obsess about the next
great product or startup that will solve their problems. Most security
problems, however, are people or process problems. Security must be
embedded throughout the corporate culture. Employees need to understand
just why security is vital to the organization and their specific roles
in promoting it.

4. Security Is a Team Sport

Early on, security was reserved for IT, the silent defenders. As the
threat environment changed for the worse, even IT knew it would be
outmatched without third-party help. World-class security teams share
information and collaborate with experts to defeat common foes. This
means collaborating not just with vendors, but also with their peers and

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