Swiss investigators drop nuclear talks malware spying case
Diposting : Rabu, 23 Nov 2016

"The hotel in question, thought to be Hotel President Wilson was raided
on 12 May 2015 after the Swiss state prosecutor's office, OAD, launched
an investigation over alleged foreign intelligence services operating in
the country. The hotel held talks on Iran's nuclear activities.

“Investigations revealed that a significant number of computers (servers
and clients) at a hotel in Geneva had been infected with a form of
malware,” the state prosecutor said in a statement to the press. “This
malware was developed for the purposes of espionage and is basically
used to gather data from the computers infected.”

Investigators said that they had failed to come up with “evidence as to
the identity of the perpetrators," and that “accordingly, although there
is evidence of criminal activity, it cannot be attributed to specific

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