Hackers steal 43 million credentials from Weebly
Diposting : Selasa, 22 Nov 2016

"The breach, affecting 43,430,316 customers, happened in February
earlier this year, however it is not known what the cause of it was.
"Weebly recently became aware that an unauthorised party obtained email
addresses and/or usernames, IP addresses and encrypted (bcrypt hashed)
passwords for a large number of customers," the message said.

"Encrypted passwords are difficult to read or decode, and we do not
believe that any customer website has been improperly accessed.

"We do not store any full credit card numbers, so we do not believe that
any credit card information, which can be used for fraudulent charges
was a part of this incident. As a precautionary security measure, we
suggest that you reset your password.""

Sumber : http://www.scmagazineuk.com/hackers-steal-43-million-credentials-from-weebly/article/567339/

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